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Wood finishes

In our ongoing effort to provide the maximum value possible to our clients, Dor-Val is pleased to introduce the availability, at no extra charge, of an antimicrobial treatment of all exposed wood components.

When added into the wood finishing process, our antimicrobial treatment inhibits the growth of Staph bacteria, and fungi that cause rot, deterioration, odors, stains and discolorations. In addition, our antimicrobial finish can be safely cleaned with Virox provided it is wiped off and not allowed to pool and sit on the wood.

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  • W2122 Phantom Cocoa

    W2122 Phantom Cocoa

  • W101 Natural

    W101 Natural

  • W120 Colombian Walnut

    W120 Colombian Walnut

  • W121 Empire Mahogany

    W121 Empire Mahogany

  • W122 Yorkshire Cherry

    W122 Yorkshire Cherry

  • W128 Pecan

    W128 Pecan

  • W129 Espresso

    W129 Espresso

  • W1026 Tobacco Cherry

    W1026 Tobacco Cherry

  • W2062 Ebony Recon

    W2062 Ebony Recon

  • W2010 Mangolore Mango

    W2010 Mangolore Mango