Dor-Val's Wood Finish

What's the worst torture test for wood? The quarter test!:

With Dor-Val’s wood finish, the wood may dent but the raw (blond) wood will not show through

The reason that the finish adheres so well to the wood is our proprietary finishing system utilizing the latest advances in wood finishing technology developed in a concerted effort with AkzoNobel, the largest coatings manufacturer in the world. Further, we have incorporated water based stains into our system. Not only is our finishing system greener than ones using solvent based stains, but our finish has greater adhesion to the wood, and delivers a clearer, more transparent finish.


Aside from the clarity and toughness of our 10 standard wood finishes, they all incorporate silver ion technology to make them anti-microbial. Dor-Val’s anti-microbial finishing process works to not only protect the wood but to also inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold and mildew.


Our anti-microbial wood finish can be safely cleaned with Virox provided it is wiped off and not allowed
to pool.