Overall: 28.5” x 30” x 35.5”H
:  21”W x 20”D

  • Model HC887 is made with a tight seat as shown.  It is also available with a loose, reversible seat cushion. Please inquire.
  • Model HC887 is available with the removable/storable/swiveling tablet, available in 3 sizes.  Please enter “tablet” in the search box above for a description.
  • Model HC887 has a matching love seat (HC2887) and sofa (HC3887) that are also available with loose, reversible seat cushions.
  • Model HC887 is available with wood arm caps.  Please see model HC886.

MODEL         UNIT                  SEAT        ARM
HC887           Chair                 Tight         Upholstered
HC2887         Love Seat         Tight         Upholstered
HC3887         Sofa                  Tight         Upholstered

HC886           Chair                 Tight          Wood
HC2886         Love Seat         Tight          Wood
HC3886         Sofa                  Tight          Wood

HC884            Chair                 Loose       Upholstered
HC2884          Love Seat         Loose       Upholstered
HC3884          Sofa                  Loose       Upholstered

HC856           Chair                  Loose        Wood
HC2856          Love Seat         Loose        Wood
HC3856          Sofa                  Loose        Wood

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